Friday, February 10, 2017

The Fall of Berlin: Mule Limber & Panzerstellung

So I'm currently about 95% finished with my Fall of Berlin army for Adepticon Doubles. Today I've completed a Mule Team Limber for my 8.8cm FlaK36. Button counters among you will probably realize that this is nowhere near enough mules to haul and heavy gun like that but I didn't feel like basing and painting 8+ mules and frankly, didn't want to spend the money. The limber (and mules) is from Askari and is based off of older late 19th to WW1 vintage 10.5cm limbers. It's actually a very nice little kit, easy to put together and the rear doors can be modeled open to show the shell racks inside. The backstory is this old limber was pulled out of a depot somewhere and hitched up to some old, haggard mules with horses being in short supply. The driver is simply a plastic Warlord USMC slightly converted to sitting posture.

I also bought a 3-pack of Warlord's plastic Panzer IV with the intention of converting them into a Pz IV J, Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A), and a LWS II. As I only needed the chassis for the LWS II, I decided to mount the body and turret on MDF and surround it with debris to make a Panzerstellung. These were simply Panzer IV that were driven into deep holes and backfilled with debris to form a makeshift AT bunker. This saved on manpower (since the vehicle only needed a "commander" and gunner) and fuel, both of which were in short supply. Though this piece won't be in my Doubles list, it makes a nice piece of terrain or an objective.

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Pawn Cocktail said...

Unusual & visually striking pieces, very nice.

Phil said...

Beautiful job!

commissarmoody said...

Very cool