Monday, January 9, 2017

The Fall of Berlin: 8.8cm FlaK36

I'm happy to announce my latest army build for Adepticon Bolt Action Doubles - a Volkssturm army during the Fall of Berlin, 1945. This model is the excellent Empress Miniatures 8.8cm FlaK36 with "Militia" crew from their Spanish Civil War range. It's a beautiful model, well priced, and suited for both SCW and WW2 gaming. The majority of the crew are Empress (with the addition of greenstuff armbands), but I also included a Warlord Luftwaffe spotter and Bund Deutsche Madel assistant from Warlord's "Last Levy" boxed set to meet the requisite number of models required for Bolt Action.

The gun itself in Testors Acryl Schwarzgrau (with rain "streaking"/highlighting in 75% Schwarzgrau/25% pure White). I opted for a Dazzle camouflage scheme for the gun shield in Testors Acryl Lichtgrun. The kill rings are in pure White, tires in Pavement washed with Secret Weapon Soft Body Black Wash.

Each of the crew is painted slightly differently and to list every and all paint and techniques I used would take up most of the space on this post. I will say that, as this is meant to be a Luftwaffe gun, I wanted each figure to have either blue and/or gray in their outfit to carry a color scheme through the disparate parts and unify them. Even the gunner, who was meant to stand out, has a very light blue shirt on!

The bases are all scratchbuilt, mimicking the same urban rubble aesthetic I did with my Hungarian army so that the two forces could be intermixed. I should also note that I will be using the Kriegsmarine units I painted several months back in this army as well. More to come....


Dominig said...

Wow, this is so cool! A love 1945 themed armies, making one for myself now and this is huge inpisration!

NW Crew said...

Great use of the Empress FlaK! Beautiful.

Pete. said...

That looks great- nice work.