Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sarissa Chateau and Power Station

A quick post for today - here's the Sarissa Chateau and Power Station I completed recently. These kits are very nice for the price and go together relatively easily. Each took about a day to paint and assemble, but could each be done in an afternoon . My one complaint (and it is a minor one) is the lack of interior detail and that it seemed impossible to make the attic's roof on the Chateau removable due to the angles of the supports. The Chateau is BIG and could easily fit 4 large squads of infantry on both floors! I made some minor changes in the Power Station. I cut away a small section of the railing, cut the ladder in half, and placed one section on the side of the wall for ease of access to the roof in-game. I cut away the outer portion of the roof, glued some MDF scrap pieces inside the walls, and added some 1/48 fuel drums as a handhold to make the roof removable. I also used some scrap plasticard pieces to make a small boiler door by the smokestack.

These are great pieces and could be used for multiple time periods from the early 20th century to the Post-Apocalypse. 

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