Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Canyon Diablo: Mexican Banditos!

It's been two long years almost to the day that I posted anything for my "Canyon Diablo" Old West project. It's been a real scorcher around here this past week, and when the weather gets hot and nasty like this, I always sit around with a cold beer and listen to The Refreshments and RCMP a lot...which inevitably leads to me wanting to pick up some western miniatures to paint. 

These rabble-rousers are Knuckleduster Mexican Banditos that I bought at Adepticon 2015, based and primed, and never got around to painting! To be honest, these aren't the best sculpts - especially in the Knuckleduster line - but the price is right and the two minis on the left below are really fantastic. I tried to give this group a more colorful appearance than I normally do with most of my Old West figures. As usual though, Burnt Umber, Territorial Biege, and Khaki colors still feature prominently.

I'll leave you with this excellent Refreshment's song to set the mood...