Thursday, April 7, 2016

Warlord Games' SdKfz 164 "Nashorn"

I built this model specifically for the Bolt Action Tank Wars "Battle of Kursk" event at Adepticon 2016 and it's quickly become one of my favorite German AFVs. It's not terribly effective in a normal game of Bolt Action, but it's fun to play, looks good on the table, and is historically accurate. Warlord really out-did themselves with what could easily be a rather bland AFV model. The open fighting compartment is littered with small details - a discarded jacket, stowed shells, even a packet of cigarettes! Additionally, by using two rare earth magnets, I was able to mount the gun so that it's able to traverse slightly from side to side.

After it was all built and painted, I realized that I made a mistake - the track stowage rack on the front is actually upside down!

Exterior was done in VMC Middlestone, highlighted with VMC Pale Sand. Interior is Testors Acryl Olivgrun, drybrushed with white. Probably not 100% historically accurate but more eye-catching then the creamy German interior color. Decals are Rubicon & Tamiya. The vehicle is pin dot oil washed, with worn metal done in #2 pencil, and dried mud in Light Earth dry pigments. The crew are painted in Pavement, heavily washed with P3 Armor Wash. Hats are VMC German uniform, heavily washed with GW Green.

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