Friday, April 22, 2016

Italeri's 1/56 Tiger I E Platoon

 The last three models I built specifically for the Bolt Action Tank Wars "Battle of Kursk" event at Adepticon 2016 are three Italeri 1/56 scale Tiger I Es. I needed a full platoon of three similar tanks and these fit the bill quite nicely, as well as cheaply (All 3 cost less than $20 each). They were extremely easy to put together and the tracks are all separate assemblies, meaning I could easily leave them off until the tank bodies were painted and get mud effects on the upper tracks as well as the body overhang. I added some Tamiya stowage as well as a Warlord Bolt Action tank commander.

Exteriors were done in VMC Middlestone (highlighted with VMC Pale Sand), Testors Acryl Rotbraun, and VMC German Camo Dark Green. Decals are Rubicon. The vehicles are pin dot oil washed, with worn metal done in #2 pencil, and dried mud in Light Earth dry pigments and plaster.

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Gaddis Gaming said...

Great paint job and what a deal on Tigers