Sunday, November 8, 2015

Guest Product Review: Wine Wars

(My beautiful wife - who actually runs her own very successful non-gaming blog -took the reins for this review several years back for one of her favorite games and I never got around to publishing it, instead leaving it to languish unloved and forgotten in my drafts. I'm a terrible husband...)

Geeks and food lovers unite - there’s a game out there for you. What gamer doesn’t like eating and drinking? With Foodie Fight and Wine Wars you can have your game and eat it to.

Both Foodie Fight and Wine Wars are trivia games, making them automatically awesome. Both games have a pretty simple set up - each player (or team, if you have more than six players) gets a small score card to keep track of how many points have been won per category. In Foodie Fight, the scoring chips are half moons that are put into place settings on a table card; in Wine Wars the scoring chips are wine bottles. The games also include a color-sided die, which determines which category of question gets asked.

From there on out the rules are simple. For the fast-track version of the games, the first person to get one chip per category wins. For the regular paced version, the first person to get all the chips in every category wins. If you’ve won a category but roll that color you must answer the question for no points before re-rolling the die. Each player continues on their turn until and incorrect answer is given. If you roll gray on the die, you are entitled to choose the category that you would like to answer.

Both games are packaged in sturdy boxes with magnetic lids with fun graphics. We leave our copies stacked on the bookcase - ready to play over dinner or a glass of wine. They’re fun and amusing, and we learn something new and interesting every time we play. So if you need a break from hunching over your minis with a tiny paintbrush and an arsenal of paint, play a trivia game with your spouse!

(As a man who rarely drinks wine, I actually like this game as well, though I rarely win since my knowledge of wine is rather limited. It's a quick, fun game.)

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