Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jagdpanther Kampfgruppe

As soon as Nachtjager was announced, I've been working on this little KG focused around three Jagdpanthers. JPs and Wirbelwinds are BF minis, Halftracks are PSC. 

The Jagdpanthers are the second production line BF made, having resin hulls and plastic tracks/accessories. I converted these to Late Production Jagdpanthers by adding PSC Panther G exhaust fans, mufflers, and ridged front fenders. I used GS to sculpt the reinforced glacis plates, as well as some stowage. The umbrellas on the command JP are made from GS, using an archival photo as inspiration (scroll to the bottom).

The Wirbelwinds and halftracks are pretty much stock, except for some tarps I sculpted from GS. I also added a plastic ladder from a Faller HO kit and some metal BF guns to the Sdkfz 251s.

Painting is my usuall (new) Dunkelgelb mix, with soft-edged camouflage of VMC German Camo Brown and German Camo Green. The Jagdpanthers have a somewhat different look as I tried to drybrush a little DG over the finished camo scheme, like the camo paint had been worn down from the crew climbing on the tank and the Zimmerit flaking away.

"Just Stalkin' Shermans In The Rain...."

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Ivor said...

Great work! Absolutely LOVE the umbrellas!