Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adepticon 2015 Recap - FOW Early War Combat Patrol

In addition to running both my annual Necromunda tournaments (which none of the pictures I took turned out of!), I decided to take on one more event and branch out into something completely different for myself. This year's Adepticon was the inaugural FOW Combat Patrol tournament on Sunday. Mostly this event was an excuse for me to expand my collection of 15mm terrain, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised with both the players and the support I received from Battlefront.

FOW Combat Patrol is meant for new players to get experience playing Flames of War  in a tournament setting and for veteran players to get a chance to play in a time period that is less widespread than Mid and Late War. Players choose a 1000pt force, with only 1 HQ platoon and 1 Combat Platoon mandatory, and take them through a series of four linked scenarios. The spirit of these scenarios are geared towards fast play and limited objectives.

I had four players for this event (that's actually more than the first year I ran Necromunda!) - 1 German Czech Panzer Company, 2 French Combat Squadrons, & 1 Greek Infantry Company. I had five table set up, each representing a different country involved in the Early War battles - France, Greece/Albania, Finland, Byelorussia, & Egypt/Libya. When the dust had settled, the Greeks emerged the overall victors! However, all the players walked away with an award and some great prizes.

Though I undertook this event with the awesome assistance of the Adepticon crew, I was lucky enough to be approached by members of the Battlefront staff on the day of the event who provided even more prize support and guidance. More than likely this event will return in some form or another (with the news of the upcoming Cold War Gone Hot expansion - "Red Dawn" anyone?) at future Adepticons.....stay tuned!

Big thanks to the Adepticon staff (Hank, Matt, Rich, & Jamie), David Griffin at Battlefront, and everyone who signed up to play! 

French and Vichy AFVs duke it out for control of the chateau's wine cellars

Stukas divebomb a Greek artillery position

German Pz38(t)'s move to outflank defending Greek infantry

French AFVs take on Greek infantry in Finland (?)

Greek CV33s enter the table behind a decimated French AMD platoon

German Recce vehicles push hard on the French left flank

French tanks attempt to outmaneuver the steel rain of Greek artillery

Heavy French artillery ideally placed to engage the wily Germans

Stukas dive-bomb the surrounded Greek infantry 

A wall of Czech steel

Free & Vichy French tank forces fight one last bitter battle in Algeria

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