Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cork Tile Houses

While I don't really need more North African style buildings, I just can't seem to stop building them. I found a few old offcuts of cork flooring tile and decided to try my hand at building some cork terrain. The basis of these buildings are Matakishi's amazing cork buildings, specifically his Afghan Buildings. While these are nowhere near on par with Matakishi's stuff, I'm really pleased with how these turned out. 

Everything but doing the stucco texturing was easy and, even using the 2 tiles I had left, I was able to make enough houses for a small settlement. I used offcuts and damaged pieces to make the ruined buildings. The ripped cork fairly closely resembles stucco-covered stone buildings, common to Tunisia and Malta. I will probably end up making more in 28mm when I start building my 28mm Operation Herkules Italian Airborne.



Samuli S said...

Very nice looking stuff! Seems to be a great material especially for building ruins!

styx said...

Very nice