Wednesday, February 18, 2015

15mm Cobblestone Roads

A quick post for today, nothing in-depth. I've been struggling with urban roads since I started the 15mm terrain project and ran across someone mentioning using faux patterned leather as stand-ins for cobblestone roads. Oddly, we had about 3 yards of good quality faux leather we'd ordered about 6 years ago for a home decorating project that never got done - bingo.

The hardest part was cutting everything to size and keeping the width consistent throughout. Lots of measuring, marking, and careful cutting. The base leather was plain black and I drybrushed a medium shade of the color I wanted, then did a highlight drybrush of a lighter color. I then flipped the leather over and painted the reverse side - this helps protect from the road warping (somewhat). I painted several sets - 1 2" wide set of beige cobbles (the set pictured below), 1 2" wide set of grey cobbles, and 1 3" wide set of grey cobbles.


Pawn Cocktail said...

They are very effective - great work!

Alex S. said...

I'm interested!

Chris Stoesen said...

Are these accounted for? I am interested. chrisstoesen @