Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We're Moving And Making Room!

Well, it's been all of 5 years since I've played a game of 40K and, while I'm not ready to part with everything 40K (mostly because I could use it in Inquisimunda), I do have to par down some of my collection before we make the move to our first house. As such, the following items are for sale. Most of these are painted to a Good/Very Good Tabletop Standard (3-color minimum) and come from a pet-/smoke-free home.

Prices listed do not include postage. Also open to trades for FOW Panzer 38(t) and Armoured Trains (German or Polish), Hugarian Toldis/Turans/Nimrods OR Bolt Action 28mm ww2 stuff.

If interested, send me an email

FOW German Heavy Infantry Gun 15cm SIG33 Platoon (stripped) - $10

Solid Resin 15mm buildings (2 smaller buildings are repainted and flocked) - $10 for all 3

Eldar Guardian Squad (12 Guardians) with Dragon Forge Resin Bases (2x 60mm, 2x Flying Bases, 3x 40mm, 1x 25mm) - $20

FOW Hungarian Infantry Lot (75mm AT Platoon - NIB, HMG Platoon, 4x Officers, 2x Panzerschreks, 4x Panzerfausts, 2x Light Mortars, 8x LMGs, 45x Rifles, 7x Medium & 5x Small Bases) - SOLD

Ork Shoota Mob (17x Shoota Boyz, 2x Big Shoota Boyz, 1x Nob) - SOLD

Ork Slugga Mob & Trukk (11x Boyz & 1x Nob custom-assembled to look like hunters & trappers, custom-made Trukk built on GW Trukk chassis) - SOLD

Flames of War GE060 Panther D (new in blister) - SOLD

Horus Heresy books and Necromunda Junktion book - SOLD

Skorcha Wagon/Trukk (built from the frame of a GW Space Marine Rhino) - SOLD

Ork Trukk (scratchbuilt on GW Trukk chassis, removable gunner) - SOLD

Ork Lobbas x3 (scratchbuilt) - SOLD

Grot Mob (22x Grots, Ork Handler, Squig) -  SOLD

Ork Rokkit Buggies (custom-made from Ork bikes, bitz, and plasticard) - SOLD

Loota Mob (10x Lootas) - SOLD

MegaNobz Mob (6x OOP metal MegaNobz w/ Kombi-shootas) - SOLD

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