Thursday, August 7, 2014

Canyon Diablo: Citizens and Wanderers

Well they won't win any awards but this was a quick week-long project I painted recently. It's my busy season at work right now, so free time is short and sporadic but it's relaxing to get some minis painted in between the craziness. Most of these minis are from the awesome line of Knuckleduster Miniatures (a relatively local company that was at Adepticon this year). I particularly like the not-Annie Oakley and soiled dove female figs - very unique poses. The anachronistic figure here is the Plains Indian with buffalo headdress, but I've had this awesome mini for ages just sitting around in my mini drawer and decided to paint him up. Enjoy!


Pawn Cocktail said...

Great work, nice to see some inhabitants for your excellent buildings.

Phil said...

A fantastic set of minis!