Thursday, July 10, 2014

Canyon Diablo: WIP Dance Hall & Livery Stable

Work continues on the buildings of Canyon Diablo, slowly but surely.  First up this week is the Dance Hall (described in the contemporary literature as "little more than houses of ill repute"), as such I started adding a large moonshine still to the rear of the building. Don't be alarmed by the bright red fire hydrant look, the shape will be half hidden by dried earth along the bottom half (shown sometimes on old stills to contain heat), piping will be added, and the entire thing will be painted an aged copper color. The fence framing has been added and I'll be adding the boards after painting the groundcover.

Upstairs I added an interior wall to break up the monotony of the second floor. Unlike previous buildings, I'll put the multiple beds after painting and adding rugs. I also added some framing timbers around the false front and finished the front door. Downstairs, I added a small stage.

The livery stable is intentionally small, as it primarily serves as the coach stop on the North-South wagon trail with the stable for traveler's horses being somewhat an afterthought. The front window is actually made from the leftover Gamecraft doors that were underscale - I cut off the arch at the top and flipped them upside down, then glued three side-by-side, framing the exterior trim. It's hard to see in these photos but the exterior of the building is a wood board-and-batten pattern that I picked up ages ago and has been languishing in my bitz box.

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Pawn Cocktail said...

Really great work. The level of detail in your buildings is very inspiring.