Thursday, June 12, 2014

Canyon Diablo: WIP Hell St. buildings

Progress on the first batch of buildings is slow and steady. Most of these are Gamecraft buildings which, while cheap and easy to assemble, had badly under-scale doors on both main and side entrances. As such I had to rebuild nearly all of the doors. For example, on double doors below, the window section is actually just about the height of the actual door (minus transom) on the original Gamecraft kit!

Tar paper roofs for the two small buildings below. I love tar paper because it's so incredibly easy to simulate in miniature, just glue down 400grit black sandpaper in 4-6" strips. These pics also show some of the early details for the "backyard" - ladders, barrels, etc. The two small strips of lumber on the rear of the left building are the base for a firewood pile. The upper supports will be added after the groundcover is applied, the firewood will be added after painting.

Again, the basic interiors prior to painting without too much details. The pot-bellied stoves are awesome from the awesome Wiseman Railroad Models. These are in O scale - perfectly sized for 28mm! The bases and stovepipes are from plasticard. The stone floors (freely available all around in the rocky scrubland of eastern AZ!) are textured plasticard, base molding from strip wood.

The only 4ground building I've been able to afford really doesn't need much details. I built a workbench and sawhorse from strip wood, the plastic barrel is from a Lionel kit. I'll be adding some Wiseman Model tools and accessories after the groundwork is applied.

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Pawn Cocktail said...

Awesome detailing - very impressive work!