Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lionel O Gauge Buildings

In the spirit of churning out terrain for Adepticon this year and because my son's gotten me back into model railroading, I decided to paint up some of the Lionel building kits I've had since I was a kid. The nice part of the plastic Lionel building kits is that they're molded in different colored plastics so, for the most part, I primed them in clear primer and just weathered and did some detail painting. 

I've had the warehouse and water tower for ages and they were missing some pieces, so I tried making them as run-down as possible. The warehouse has a removable roof so minis can be placed inside and a movable dock door. The water tower is probably my favorite, mostly because the bricks were so easy to do (just a quick wash of white paint, and some wiping/sanding any residual color from the brickfaces) and I love the copper accent verdigris (always a fun color to paint!).

My wife actually suggested I buy the diner at a train show this past weekend. It's a nice basic kit but the accent/roof color was a teribly washed-out yellow so I repainted all those pieces in a deep red color. I also added windows by cutting pieces of clear acetate and I gave them a "fogged-up" look by spraying the inside with clear flat sealant and a very light dusting of white primer. 

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