Friday, September 20, 2013

Early War StuG Platoon

My second to last German AFV unit for the foreseeable future - an Early War StuG platoon consisting of 2 Zvezda StuG Ausf. As and a BF SdKfz 253 command halftrack. These minis are basically stock with lots of stowage added here and there, painted in my usual Testors Acryl Panzer Grey with 25% Royal Blue added. Decals are GW IG numbers and I-94 Balkankreuz.

The Zvezda StuGs are actually really nice models. Having assembled the PSC StuGs, I actually prefer the detailing on the Zvezda brand, since tools and molded-on stowage are raised higher and the tracks and road wheels are one-piece castings.


Dai said...

Wish Zvezda made British stuff, their detail is really nice and at a good price.

Good stuff.

Ancientsociety said...

@Dai: They do make Brit stuff - for now just the Matilda Mk I & II and the Matador truck.

Dai said...

Heh, I should clarify, Mid or Late War Brit stuff. No intention of starting Early war really.