Thursday, June 27, 2013

RIP Powermate Compressor 2011-2013

Well, my air compressor finally bit the bullet. It kept overheating even on the coolest of days. It wasn't really bad during the winter when it was practically outside whilst running but it's gotten worse as the summer went on. I recently started work on a Panzerspahkompanie for FOW Late War and this is the result.

The 250s on the right were the first and they turned out really well. The 8-rads were next and were just so-so (partly this is due to my indecision on the actual camo scheme). The Luchs (front left) were last and are a huge fail - CFM pressure kept dropping and I kept having to stop and wait for the motor to cool, which resulted in an overdone soft-edge scheme.

I actually came back after taking this picture and started doing some dot camouflage on the StuGs by masking and, while, they look great, they're now half done, since this is when the compressor decided to commit hari-kari. Oh well, as Ron Swanson says:

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