Thursday, May 30, 2013

Semovente Assault Guns in German service

One of my favorite AFVs of WW2 was the Semovente series, of which this - the Semovente 105/25 - was the largest and last to be produced. First made just before the German takeover of Italy, they were used extensively by the 44. Infanteriedivsion - "Hoch und Deutschmeister". These are the excellent Battlefront miniatures which are well detailed and crisply molded, with the addition of GS sandbags and other stowage. The hard-edged camo scheme is based partly on the widespread "turtle-shell" scheme applied to most real-world examples.


I use these beasts whem running a Reichsgrenadier Company. They aren't usually very effective, since they lack heavy armor plating (which they didn't really have anyway) and the Breakthrough Gun (which they should have, since every other 105mm gun gets this rule). But, they are cheap and very fluffy.


Mark said...

Nice vehicle. I expect that it will get the breakthrough gun rule once the Cassino book is updated.

Anonymous said...

And so they did! They are very effective now. They are like cheaper, more dedicated StuH 42's. Also, very nice paintjob! I'm trying to find out how I should paint mine. It's always good with some inspiration.