Wednesday, January 16, 2013

French Corner Store

Proving once again that thrift stores are awesome, I picked up this perfectly-scaled resin shop for $2 at the local Goodwill. It's part of the Liberty Falls Americana collection, code AH103 "Howard's Hardware". 

I filed off the raised font of the signs and repainted the tin roof, brickwork, doors, and very odd yellow windows. I then did a general shading of the building and touched up the remaining colors, in addition to flocking the base.



styx said...

Nice find! I never find anything cool like that here in our thrift stores.

Dai said...

Me either. You've turned an ugly little mantlepiece monstrosity into a very nice terrain piece.

Commisioner Ken said...

Nice work,I like how you find cheap terrain and give it a facelift,especially since i do the same.

Phil said...

Nice looking buildings...and pictures!