Sunday, December 9, 2012

[SPOILERS] Skyfall 007 Theory

Totally not gaming-related but I thought readers of my blog may be interested in this thery I've come up with.


Daniel Craig's Bond is the son of Sean Connery's Bond.

Hear me out. Sean Connery is the first "official" movie Bond, he is Scottish, and his iconic car is the Aston Martin DB5 with the plate #BMT216A (with ejector seats, bulletproof body, & headlight machineguns). This car is last seen in Thunderball, Connery's 2nd to last Bond film. The DB5 which appears in Goldeneye has the plate #BMT214A (so we can assume this is a different car altogether).

In Skyfall, we find out that Craig's Bond is also of Scottish origin and has the same DB5 (same plate #, same features). When Craig's Bond is resurrected, M mentions that his flat has been sold and all his personal possessions have been put in storage. The DB5 is in a storage shed with many boxes of what we can assume are Bond's things. How did he get it? It's not given to him by MI-6 (or it would not be considered his) nor is it the same car from Casino Royale. His father, the original Bond, gave it to him.

In the final act, we see the Bond parents' headstone, his father was named "Andrew Bond". So his first name can't be James....but we don't know his middle name.

Could this be Connery's Bond - Andrew James Bond? Let's assume he is and that he is the first 007 since MI-6's inception. His exploits are detailed from Dr. No to You Only Live Twice, after which Andrew James Bond retires from MI-6.

With SPECTRE still active and not wishing to lose their best defense against them (and partly in honor of their first 007 agent), MI-6 recruits more 007s (Lazenby is the next, Moore taking over after him, and onwards), giving them the false name "James Bond". This means that the code name "James Bond" theory is still relevant. More credibility is added to this theory in Skyfall when Bardem's Silva tells M to "use his real name".

Listen to Adele's Skyfall.

"You may have my number (007)
You can take my name (Bond)
But you'll never have my heart...."

Fast forward, Connery retires to Scotland (taking the DB5 with), marries, and has a son...whom he either names James Bond or Andrew James Bond Jr. (an homage to The Last Crusade's Henry Jones Jr.??). This is Craig's Bond. We can assume that Craig's Bond grows up with his parents before their death (possibly in a climbing accident, as in the novel) and that the elder Bond raises the younger with some of his own quirks.

Upon his parent's death, the younger Bond takes possession of Skyfall mansion and his father's old DB5, and M immediately recruits Craig's Bond into MI-6, his first major mission being Casino Royale. Additionally, why is Craig's Bond so shattered after failing to save Ronson and retrieve the HD upon his "death" in the opening act of Skyfall? A seasoned agent would get up and keep going after the men responsible. If his father was the original 007 and he was raised under his father's exploits and that he never failed a mission, this would explain the guilt he feels.

Remember in the middle of Skyfall when Silva asks what he's good at and Bond answers "Resurrection"? He is speaking about resurrecting the 007 franchise itself. In the ending sequence, it is only after everything his father built (Skyfall, DB5, old M) is destroyed, that Craig's Bond becomes his own man. When he enters Mallory's foyer, the hat rack and Moneypenny's desk mirror their placement in Dr. No. When he enters Mallory's office the painting on the wall behind him is of Nelson's fleet moving out from the harbor in full sail, rather than being hauled away for scrap (in the Q scene).


Crazy Joe said...

Well, not being a JB connoiseur (that's James Bond, not Justerini & Brooks)I hadn't seen a Bond film since I was dragged along to see Dr No when I was a kid. I finally gave in and went to see Quantum of Solace and enjoyed it as an action film and subsequently saw Skyfall which I also enjoyed. So, I'm not qualified to comment on your post really, but I've got to say that Sean Connery is, in my not very humble opinion, one of the worst actors in cinema history. As a Bond he just about tipped the scales on George Lazenby (I've seen trailers!), but I'm aware of Methodist lay preachers with more stage presence than our George. However, Sean has other masterpieces to fall back on like the Spanish swordsman in Highlander and the Irish cop in The Untouchables, each played with his peculiar Scottish accent.

However, great blog!


fireymonkeyboy said...

Oooh, clever.