Friday, November 2, 2012

Tutorial: Budget 15mm Hedgerows

Needing to get some inexpensive linear obstacles made for an upcoming FOW tournament, I came up with this process. I ended up spending about $6 for over 6' of linear obstacles and it only took a day to make!

- 1/4" thick Green Scouring Pads (try to get the type without the white Scrotch Brite lettering on it)
- "Jumbo" Popsicle/Craft Sticks
- Hot Glue Sticks
- Sand/Pebble Mix
- Static Grass
- Clump Foliage

- Hot Glue Gun
- Scissors
-White Glue
- Paint

1. Cut each scouring pad lengthwise into strips. The strips should be cut about 1/4" high if you'd like your figures to be able to see over them. Feel free to cut them a little high as they are cut down to make the top look more natural.

2. Using the hot glue, glue each strip unto a popsicle stick. Depending upon the length of the scouring pad, you may have to snip off a little of the edges, so be sure to check the length before gluing! Each section should now resemble the one below:

You can leave small gaps in certain hedgerow sections to represent entry points.

3. To make each hedgerow look more natural, begin snipping pieces roughly off the top of each scouring pad strip. At the very least, round off the straight edges and take your time. This is the longest part of the process, but the more time you spend here, the more natural it will look.

The hedgerow will look wilder and un-tended the more you cut and the rougher your cuts are. When you're done, each section should now resemble the one below:

4. To start the groundcover, spread glue evenly along the outskirts of each popsicle stick and dip in the sand mixture. Be careful not to get glue or sand unto the hedge itself. Allow to thoroughly dry.

5. Once dry, dip or paint each popsicle stick in the paint color of your choice. Allow to thoroughly dry. The sections should now resemble those below:

6. Once dry, spread glue along the outskirts of each hedgerow base and dip in static grass/flocking. Allow to thoroughly dry.

7. Once dry, attach clump foliage and grass tufts on each hedgerow base. To make the hedgerows look wild and untended, attach more clump foliage and grass tufts.


Dai said...

Wow, so damn easy it's silly not to think of it yourself.

Thanks a lot for the tutorial!

Admiral Drax said...

These are absolutely brilliant, mate - and so simple!

I miht just have to give thi a go myself...


Admiral Drax said...

I just used this tutorial, mate: absolutely smashing - thanks!