Friday, November 30, 2012

CD-based Rock Outcroppings

In an attempt to use up the excess foamboard I had before another house move, I decided to try my hand at some more CD-based terrain with all the small off-cuts I had left. Initially, I'd only intended to make some desert-style outcroppings - almost like mesas - but had enough left over for some larger slate-type outcroppings.

The mesas are primarily intended for smaller scale games like Heavy Gear and FOW but could work for 25mm games like Legends of the Old West.


The slate outcroppings are primarily intended for larger scale games, since I worked natural-looking steps into each for figures to climb up and down on. These will work really well for the Necromunda tournament at Adepticon this year.

They can also work with smaller scale figures in a pinch.

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Fosner1703 said...

Just wanted to say these look great. I never thought of using CDs as a base like that. I have started a whole slew of different terrain pieces based off of this idea of CD sized bases. Just thought you would like to know you have inspired someone.