Monday, October 8, 2012

Heavy Gear Basilisk Duelist

This mini was an experiment in using zenithal priming and VERY thin paint to achieve a nice subtle shading effect. I think, for my first time using this technique it came out fairly well however, in the future, this may be much more useful for bright, bold color hues. The royal blue here is a little on the dark side to really make the effect "pop".

This is a DP9 Southern Basilisk Gear used by an independent Arena dueling team, the only conversions here are a plasticard buckler and scratchbuilt staff. 

Primed in Armory Black with zenithal effects in Armory White. The base blue is straight Badger Royal Blue, accents in (old, old, OLD) GW Hawk Turquoise and VMC Ghost Gray, with lights in GW Blood Red and VMC Bright Yellow. Steel parts are painted in (IIRC) Reaper Steel Grey.

The base, buckler, and staff are weathered using oils. Decals are from the DP9 Arena sheet, old GW Imperial Guard sheet, and misc. model kit sheets.

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