Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Schwere Panzer Pioneers

Just a quick little post for today after finishing up my Gepanzerte Panzerpioneers for my Schwere Panzer Co. Most of the figures are leftovers from other projects, so very few are alike. As this is a Late War period force, I'm going for a somewhat rag-tag look with gear and weapons. The half-tracks are Plastic Soldier Co. SdKfz 251Cs. Two were converted into Pioneer half-tracks by adding the steel outriggers and assault bridges from plasticard. The Stuka Zu Fuss, while not 100% correct (it was nearly impossible to make good-looking crates for the 28cm rockets at this scale), it turned out pretty well, in my opinion.


Fosner1703 said...

What dod you use to cover your bases. The Ground, you might say. I just got into Flames of War and I am kinda scared of the Infantry Bases, and how to make them look decent.

Ancientsociety said...

@Fosner: It's Acrylic Modeling Paste with a little sand and gravel mixed in. See my tutorial on paint additives for other similar options.