Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Panzergruppe Guderian - Complete!

Finally able to post up some pics of my completed Early/Mid-War Mittlere Panzer Company, based on General Heinz Guderian's Panzergruppe. The majority of the tanks included here are Zvezda, with a smattering of Plastic Soldier Co. and Battlefront miniatures. Panzer camouflage schemes are the two-tone Early War blend of Panzer Grey and Deep Brown, with excellent decals from i-94 Enterprises.  

My shading is rather heavy due to running out of GW Black Wash right when they were transitioning to the new colors and having to substitute P3 Armor Wash instead. Weathering is done with Testors Acryl Rust washes and pigment-based "mud".

Panzer IV Ausf. D Platoon

Panzer III Ausf. G Platoon

Panzer II (Early) Platoons

StuG 33B Assault Tank Platoon

"Freida und Helga" - 8.8cm Sfl Bunkerflaks

"Husslin' Heinz" Objective - Gen. Guderian's Sdkfz 251 Command

Motorised Artillery Battery

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