Friday, March 16, 2012

AIM 15mm Stuka R-2

The nice part of FOW version 3 is the abandonment of the 3-model plane flight for a single model. This allows players to field in-scale aircraft, rather than the undersize 1/144 scale, and to focus on a single model. With this done, I finally broke down and bought the excellent Armaments in Miniature Stuka R-2 (review coming soon-ish).

I built mine in the long-range version (note the underwing fuel tanks) and it's pretty much stock except for the gunner's MG and the cockpit aerial. I drilled a hole in the lower fuselage with my dremel to except a GW flying base. The color scheme is almost completely fictional - as I forgot to do the second grey tone to the upper fuselage before removing the masking tape - and the call sign is also fictional.

I think this will make a nice support option for all my German forces, as well as the Finns.

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