Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mit Den Panzern in Ost und West - WIP #2

Continuing on with my Mittlere Panzer Co. build, I have the final 2 tank platoons to show off. First is the Panzer III Platoon equipped with the Panzer III Ausf. G from PSC. I've already reviewed this kit and it was pretty nice, though fiddly. It really didn't require much embellishment except for some sandbag protection made from Green Stuff and some plasticard racks to hold the spare track sections to the hull.

Lastly, is an Assault Tank platoon made from the odd StuiG33b, basically this was a large 15cm SiG infantry support gun mounted on the Panzer III chassis and heavily armored. Even though they saw the majority of their action well to the south in Stalingrad, I couldn't resist these odd fusions of a Panzer tank and a StuG assault gun.

I received these models secondhand and they required about 5 days in Simple Green to remove 3 layers of paint and primer! After that, I had to make two commander's hatches from plasticard to replace missing metal hatches. I then added plasticard tubing for the hull MG, spare tracks and roadwheels from the PSC Panzer III sprues, a spare commander figure for the Command StuiG, some sandbags made out of Green Stuff, and finally whip antennas from guitar wire.

Well, my main company models are primed and ready for paint. All that's left is the 15mm AiM Stuka model for air support and the 2 Objectives....

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