Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Sale: Customized Modular Battlewagon

Well, I really hate to part with this Battlewagon but I haven't played 40K and over a year and, even when I did, I rarely used this beast.

This is a custom-built Battlewagon. IIRC, it holds ~15 Orks, at least. The Deff Rolla really does roll and both Boarding Planks move up and down. The Big Shootas on either side of the cargo bay are magnetized and fully removable. There are 2 turrets - one Zappa turret and one Big Kannon turret. The Big Kannon turret has a modular hatch - either an Ork glyph or one mounting a Big Shoota. Total dimension are 9" L x 6" W x 4" H (without the turrets) and is painted to a very high TT standard.

Considering the time and effort that I put into building and painting this, I'm looking for $40 cash/$45 trade but I will consider reasonable offers. Would also be willing to trade for:

Dark Eldar Clawed Fiend
new Finecast Isabella Von Carstein (with no large defects)
FOW British A13 Cruiser Mk IVs
FOW 8th Army Rifle or Motor Platoon
FOW 8th Army 15cwt Trucks
FOW EW German Pioneers/Grenadiers
FOW Finnish BT-42 or Anti II Tanks
Heavy Gear NuCoal items
Heavy Gear Southern Sidewinders

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