Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inquisimunda Updates & Arbites WIP Pics

Way, wayyyy too much times on my hands right now so I've been perusing the Inquisimunda PDFs and doing some general housekeeping of the files. So far, I've gotten around to the following:

  • Species and Races have been edited and now include some more Tyranids and 3 different Necron models
  • The Expanded Armory (which I thought was done) also received some edits. Mostly stat changes for the Assault Cannon and a long-awaited correction the Shuriken Catapult. Also, the addition of some more Gauss weaponry and Jokaero Digital weapons
  • The Legendary Armory is now up! This provides rules for incorporating special Daemonic, Holy, and assorted Xenos weapons into Inquisimunda and are entirely optional.
Additionally, I've started my own warband of Adeptus Arbites to attempt to keep the peace around these parts. Considering these models sat in a drawer for 12 years, I'd say it's a good start!


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