Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arbites Ogryn Custodian/Jailer WIP

Well, I got around to procuring a second-hand Blood Bowl Ogryn. I really liked the base model as it closely resembles an Arbites model with little extra work needed, it just needs a little cosmetic work and some weaponry. For the extra bits and bobs, I used a lot of leftover Inquisitor-scale (54mm) bitz. His Ripper Gun is a bolter from the Bolt Weapons pack and his keys/flail are from another Inquisitor model.

The main issue with this mini is the pose, which is much too static. As such, I shifted the waist to a slight right-leaning stance, positioned the left arm slightly forward while the right was brought inwards towards the torso. I also added some grenades from the Artemis Inquisitor model.
Now comes the greenstuff work!

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