Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Fantasy Skirmish System? What would YOU like to see?

Prior to my work on Inquisimunda, I had thought a lot about developing a system that mixes elements of both tabletop gaming and role-playing games. I'm sure there are a lot of gamers who think "well, there's always Mordheim." and I do agree. However, I've found Mordheim to be more than a little restrictive with model/warband types and constrained by focusing on the GW Warhammer world.

My idea is to develop a system whereby players can take miniatures from ANY manufacturer and build small-sized forces from the ground up. The system would be primarily focused on 28/30mm models, but could easily be adapted to larger (40mm, 54mm) or smaller (15mm) scales. For example, I have a few old Rackham Ophidians and some Reaper human figs and I'd like to make a force with them. The system would then be:

-First, choose Race/Species; giving basic cost and stats
-Next, choose background; giving access to initial skills, weapons, and classes
-Choose Class
-Choose weapons, armor, & equipment
-Costing complete, unless choosing an initial upgrade such as veteran, leader, etc.

Do this for each and every model in your group. All players then choose an initial unit cost cap (think '1000pt game') and play their game(s). Additionally, there would be a campaign system so players could link games, build skills, increase stats, etc. Each class would have it's own skill "tree", with the option of limited Class-switching at certain experience levels.

This is the basic framework I'd like to provide players with but I'm sure I've left many good ideas out. My question is - what do you think? If you're interested, what are some things you'd like to see incorporated into a ruleset such as this?

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