Friday, January 14, 2011

Road To Adepticon: Necro/Inquisimunda Scenario Pack

Well, I've finally be able to finish the scenario pack for the Adepticon 2011 Necromunda tournament yesterday. As I mentioned earlier, this scenario pack will also help other GMs introduce regular Necromunda players to the expanded offerings of Inquisimunda.

All in all, I'm fairly satisfied that the scenario pack. It's still dark and ominous but, also a bit tongue-in-cheek. I think this will help newer Inquisimunda players adapt to the changes I've made.

Unfortunately, as this is a scenario pack for a tournament, a copy won't be available until after Adepticon is over for everyone who isn't playing at Adepticon itself. The good news is that it's being nicely formatted by the Adepticon staff and will look a whole lot nicer than other current Inquisimunda offerings.

Now, unto assembling and painting my Crystal Brush award entry, Forgeworld entry, Malifaux 40-soulstone Collodi force, and a 900-point Early War Flames of War army! Let the fun begin!

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