Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's 40K Scenario: New Model Army

To ring in the new year (and because I've been terribly sick since the end of last year), I decided to post this New Year's themed special 40K scenario. This is meant to be played by one army which has a large number of OOP models versus another army with little or no OOP models. The shiny new force is tasked with eliminating the grizzled, experienced opponents, can they do it?

"New Model Army"

Force Organization Chart: Normal

Points: 1000+

Mission Type: Annihilation

Deployment: Pitched Battle

The Attacker is designated as the army with less (or no) OOP models. The other army is designated as the Defender.

Special Rules:

Dusk Attack: This scenario takes place at dusk, as the Attacker hopes to use the cover of night to pull back should the assault get bogged down. From Turn 4 onward, the Night Fighting rules are in effect.

New Model Army: The Attacker has filled its ranks with new weaponry, recruits, wargear, or vehicles. The Attacker receives an additional 110pts to spend on one Elite or Troop unit. This unit may not consist of ANY OOP models or conversion bitz! This unit is factored into the standard force organization chart (so you cannot take a 7th Troop choice, if you already have 6 troop choices, etc.) and must be at least minimum size per its codex entry.

Take The Initiative!: The Attacker is trying to strike hard and fast and, if deploying second, may re-roll the Seize The Initiative test ONCE!

Grizzled Veterans: ANY model(s) which is currently OOP (Out Of Production) or which consists of a majority of OOP bitz has an additional +1 WS. This upgrade cannot push any model's WS past 6 total. These models MUST either be pointed out to your opponent BEFORE the game begins and/or marked with a suitable marker.
Units consisting entirely of OOP models are worth an additional Kill Point each.

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