Monday, December 13, 2010

WIP: True-scale Deathwatch Tactical Marine

Since the weather was so terrible this weekend and while waiting on the primer to dry on another project, thought I'd do a small project to celebrate the release of the Inquisimunda Allies list.

Here's my true-scale Deathwatch Tactical Marine. There's not much conversion to him really, but definitely more GS'ing than I'm used to!

The legs are re-positioned from the running pose, the lower torso was removed and replaced by a fully GS'ed abdomen & belt, and the right arm was slightly repositioned. He stands roughly 4mm taller than a "normal" 28mm GW human and I tried to accomplish the illusion of his genetically-enhanced proportions without bulking him out like the Hulk (coincidentally, I was watching Planet Hulk while modeling him...). And, after nearly a year sitting in my base box, this Armorcast "hive" base finally got used!

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