Monday, December 6, 2010

One HUGE Inquisimunda Update!

After about a full week of nearly non-stop writing and correspondence, I'm happy to announce that nearly 90% of ALL Inquisimunda resources are done, with the majority of the warband lists getting a couple nice updates!

I just finished putting up the Beta Necromunda Rules Expansion and version 1.0 of the Bazaar and Treacherous Conditions!

Additionally, the following warband lists have received an update: Mutant Mobs, Rogue Traders, Underworld Elements, Inquisition, Ecclessiarchy, and Void Pirates. Much of the updates reflect special rules or abilities it slipped my mind to include in the initial release and some edits. There haven't been very many changes made here.

Also, I've updated the Species listing (mostly to include the Loxatl and Nicassar, who were left out of the last update) and the Bestiary (because, being an Eldar player, I couldn't resist including Fiends and Megasaurs!).

A huge "THANK YOU!" goes out to the folks over at, who've been insturmental in recommending some additional changes, finding my mistakes, and providing a big pat on the back for all the effort I've put into this project!

As always, enjoy! If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to post them here or email me - you just may end up in the next update!

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