Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Tanks-giving!

40K Special Scenario: Tanks-giving


The defenders forces have been bogged down in bitter fighting and only by pushing additional men and material up to the warzone can his embattled forces hope to win victory. Unfortunately, the Attacker has learned of this planned and dispatches numerous patrols to stop the reinforcements and supplies from getting through.

Special Rules

Over The River & Through The Woods – Any of the defender’s non-Jump Infantry models without the Scout, Infiltrate, and/or Deep Strike abilities may only be deployed as long as they select a dedicated transport. At the start of the scenario, these units MUST be deployed within their dedicated transport. Additionally, none of the defender’s units may be held in reserve, unless they have the Scout, Infiltrate, or Deep Strike ability OR are a non-Jump infantry unit without a dedicated transport

Turkey Shoot – Attacking models without the Scout, Infiltrate, and/or Deep Strike abilities may be deployed no closer than 12” from any defending model unless they are in Area Terrain. No attacking models may deploy closer than 6” from any defending model, even if they are deployed in Area Terrain.

All The Trimmings – Starting at the deploying corner (see below), mark edges as follows, proceeding clockwise: Short table edge – 1, Long table edge – 2, Short table edge- 3, Long table edge – 4. When either player rolls for reserves, units deploy from the table edge of the number represented. A roll of 5-6 means the player may choose which edge the unit deploys from.

I Hate Traffic – Any model on the “Main Road” receives a 6+ cover save.


The defender selects one table corner (This corner is now the “Deploying Corner”) and draws a straight line between that corner and its opposite (i.e. running diagonally the length of the table). The opposite corner is now the ‘Ending Corner”. This is the ‘Main Road’ and it extends the diagonal length of the table from corner to corner with a width of 12” (6” on both sides of the imaginary line). No terrain may be placed on the ‘Main Road’ itself.

Once the ‘Main Road’ is established, both players take turns setting up terrain.


Defender deploys first along the ‘Main Road’. No defending model may setup within 12” of the Ending Corner. Defending units with the Scout rule not held in reserve may move no closer than 6” to the Ending Corner with their scout move.
Attacking models deploy next according to the “Turkey Shoot” rule.


The defender’s forces must make it to the Ending Corner. Vehicles coming into contact with the Ending Corner may be removed from play and count towards the victory conditions below. Units with individual models must have at least 50% of their total unit’s bases touching the Ending Corner before they can be removed from play.

At the end of Turn 5, the defender must have at least 40% (calculated via points cost) of his total army off the table via the Ending Corner. If this is not possible or all the defending units are destroyed, the Attacker wins.

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