Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Completed Minis - Eldar Dark Reapers

I know Dark Reapers are somewhat nerfed in the last codex, especially considering how great a lot of the other Heavy Support choices are, but I've always loved the sculpts - especially this, the newest version.

As always, I still need to get better at blending paints, there's too many rough transitions between shades.

My Eldar force is going to have a very strong "Japanese" feel to it, with a lot of design elements and artwork drawn from traditional Japanese woodblock prints and Sumi-e artwork. This is my first foray into free-hand painting (on a miniature, at least). The inspiration for the Exarch's banner came from a Hokusai print of Mt. Fuji.

Miniatures are from Games Workshop, trooper bases (as usual) from Dragon Forge, Exarch base is scratchbuilt.

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