Friday, June 4, 2010

Completed: HazMat Troopers

Aliens? Zombies? Toxic Waste Mutant Animals!? These guys can handle it all...

These wonderful minis are from Hasslefree (and worth every penny!), bases are from Dragon Forge.

I've gotten some inquiries on how I painted these guys, so here goes! Whoever wants to replicate the color scheme, its:

1. Suits
-GW Knarloc Green base
-GW Dark Green Ink Wash
-GW Black Wash
-Knarloc Green highlight
-75% Knarloc Green/25% White highlight (drybrush)

-P3 Cryx Grey Base
-GW Black Wash
-P3 Cryx Grey Base highlight
-P3 Cryx Grey Highlight highlight :P

3. O2 Tank
-GW Tausept Ochre
-GW Black Wash
-GW Tausept Ochre highlight

4. G36/Hoses
-Payne's Grey base
-GW Black Wash
-P3 Cryx Grey Base highlight

5. Visors
-GW Mechrite Red base
-Dark Red Wash (my own creation - 75% red ink, 25% chestnut ink, watered down)
-GW Mechrite Red highlight
-GW Blood Red highlight
-White points
-Dark Red Wash

6. Gauges
-White base
-Sakura Micron 005 for dial

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