Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Practical 'Ard Boyz: Issue #1 - Kill Points in Scenario 3

Because GW seems incapable of proof-reading and clarifying the rules for their own tournament, there's been much bantering and whining about the specificity and ruling regarding Kill Points in Scenario 3. I'm lucky enough to be judging the Pre-Lims at Black Sun Games this Saturday and I thought it would be helpful to my fellow judges (and players!) to provide a detailed list of what does and does not constitute a 3-Kill Point unit in Scenario #3.

Here's what the Scenario PDF states:

"...• 3 kill points are awarded for each unit destroyed that
has the potential to move over 6” in a single phase of
the game turn. Running and fleeing units do not count.
For example, a unit of Necron Warriors being pulled
through a Monolith would not count for extra kill points.
A Librarian with Gate of Infinity is 3 kill points, though a
Space Marine Tactical Squad joining him is 1 KP.

• 2 kill points are awarded for each HQ unit killed.

• If an HQ unit has the potential to move over 6” it counts
for 3 kill points. Kill points are not cumulative for the
sake of killing one unit.

• All other kill points are counted as normal..."

So what does and does not constitute 3 Kill Points? Let's start off with what DOESN'T make a unit automatically count as 3 Kill Points (Note: Other rules/abilities/unit types/or wargear may over-ride this!):

Deep Striking isn't technically movement, it simply "counts as" movement for the purposes of shooting and assault.

Drop Pod Assault is a special rule which does NOT have a movement characteristic and Drop Pods themselves are treated as Immobile vehicles, therefore Drop Pods only count as 1 Kill Point each.

Any unit which can consolidate D6" after Assaulting (otherwise, nearly 95% of units would count as 3KP)

Units/models utilizing a Dedicated Transport. Unless the unit/model itself is somehow capable of moving over 6" in any one phase, only the transport itself counts as 3 Kill Points (unless it to cannot move over 6" - see Drop Pods above)

Running/Fleet/Waaagh! units don't automatically count because running is done during the shooting phase and the rule states moving over 6" in ONE phase, not multiple phases. Fleet and Waaagh! are simply a variation of running and hence apply equally.

Units which are FORCED to move over 6" (due to Lash,etc.) or which Fall Back

Units with the Scout rule, as this movement takes place before play begins and cannot be utilized during any one phase. This also applies to the Infiltrate USR (which should be obvious to most players...)

With that out of the way, here's a short list of units/models which WILL count as 3 Kill Points:

-Vehicles capable of moving over 6" in one phase, whether they do so or not
-Bikes/Jetbikes/units with the Turbo-Boost USR
-Units/Models utilizing Combat Drugs or other wargear to move over 6" in one phase, whether they do so or not
-Units/Models utilizing psychic powers to move over 6" in one phase (i.e. Gate Of Infinity, etc.), whether they do so or not

Hope that helps!

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