Monday, April 19, 2010

LotOW - Canyon Diablo, A.T. Vigilance Committee

Finally got around to finishing my Legends Of The Old West Lawmen Posse. This is a mixture of both Old Glory Cowboy Wars and Artizan Old West miniatures. The standout of this posse is the A&P Railroad Station Manager, who's armed with a sixgun and a lantern (which doubles as a hand weapon in tough situations!). This miniature is originally from Artizan's Pulp Era line and I converted him by adding the sixgun in his right hand. Also, this is the first time I've painted horses and I think they turned out fairly well overall (they were definitely fun to paint!). Enjoy...

Gunfighter (OG), Deputy, & Sheriff (Artizan)

Vigilantes (Artizan)

A&P R.R. Station Manager (Artizan), Female Greenhorn (OG), CD Times Reporter (OG), & Armed Church-goer (OG)

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