Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doctor Who Miniatures Game - for free!

Over Christmas, I was finally able to complete my post-2000 Doctor Who DVD collection (I even received 2 copies of Season 4!). Over the holidays and with time to spare, I took to popping in a few and watching whilst painting and I have 2 happy outcomes.

1. Much to my chagrin, my wife actually watched a few episodes and was suddenly hooked on everything Doctor Who, and...
2. It got me thinking about what sorts of Doctor Who games are out there...

Well, there are several rather dismal games out for Doctor Who via official channels but there is also a fan-made hidden gem -

The Doctor Who Miniatures Game

DWMG (for short) is the brainchild of Graeme Dawson. The rules are free and include scenarios, monster, villians, and heroes from the 1st Doctor through the 10th (though the 4th season, aired in 2008, has yet to be completed and, as of this post, it appears there are no current plans for the "5th season" of specials, aired last year). Reading through the rules, I was amazed with the depth of the ruleset and fluff. You can tell this was compiled by some very loyal fans.

I've yet to play a game of DWMG but it appears to play very similiarly to Legends of The Old West - a small, skirmish-based 28mm tabletop game pitting factions (here, simply "Heroes" vs. " Monsters") against each other. Rolls are D6-based and every mini has unique stats and some special rules.

In addition, there's a Yahoo group devoted to DWMG and a miniature gallery and painting guide.


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