Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tutorial: Stripping Using Simple Green

What you'll need:
  • Simple Green Cleaner (the bottle pictured here cost me $8, this will last a LONG time)
  • Mason Jar or any old jar
  • Old toothbrush
  • Painted miniatures to strip
Step 1:

Pour enough Simple Green to cover any miniatures you put in your jar.

Step 2:

Drop your painted miniatures in the jar and secure the lid tightly (this ensures that your house doesn't smell like Simple Green for the next 24hours).

Step 3:

After waiting at least 8 hours, take the lid off and pull out your miniatures. The paint should look like its bubbling and/or peeling off in places. Stop up a sink (this will ensure you don't lose any small pieces down a drain!) and let it fill with enough water to scrub your miniatures.

Step 4:

Put your minis underwater and begin scrubbing with the old toothbrush. You shouldn't have to scrub hard and doing this underwater will ensure that paint chips don't fly around everywhere. Your minis should look like this:

If not, repeat Step 2 and wait a few hours more...


Toosh said...

Thanks for the tutorial. However, in order to make your tutorials more 'universal' it would help to explain what "Simple Green" is i.e. paint stripper and maybe give other possible alternatives :D

Ancientsociety said...

Ack! Kill it with fire, this whole tutorial needs a re-vamp!

...in other words, yeah I'll cover another more "universal' stripping tut in the future.

Anonymous said...

Personally I tried Acetone on some pewter Reaper minis and it worked beautifully. In under a minute all the paint and primer melted away with no scrubbing. It also melted the plastic bases, but that's ok. I don't know which is more effective, but on metal minis if you have acetone on hand it's worth trying.

Just don't get it on your hands unless you want them to dry up. :)

Halkomahooli said...

Also nail polish remover works well for this. I used it for my IS-2 tanks.